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Half-hour Free Consultation

Everyone should feel comfortable with a person they are going to entrust their physical well being too. We understand that, you need to feel safe about our program and trust in our expertise. We offer a half-hour free consultation in order for you to get a feel for what we do here at Life Energy Fitness. Please contact us for an appointment.


All clients training at the studio need to have an assessment, (except those in Specialized Programs or current clients). Please choose from the following when you book. For clients that have no medical conditions relating to their function, we put you through a series of movement screens to ascertain where you are compensating when performing various everyday tasks. We use this information to design a specific program for you.

For clients that will be taking the Medical Exercise track, we work with your health care provider to determine the best assessment for you and communicate progress on a monthly basis. These assessments will be determined by the presenting condition.

Training Sessions

For those that need more coaching, re-education of movement patterns, muscle memory or just plain that extra 30% you get from working with a Personal Trainer. The session(s) consist of one or two people (duo) working with one instructor on a specialized program created from your assessment, and based on your goals. Pricing for sessions is determined by how many times you come in per month (See Commitment Pricing). Sessions last either 50+ or 35 minutes. (Available only as 2 or more times per week).

Personal Training Individual

Working with a trainer one-on-one for 50+ minutes on the exercise programmed focused on your needs and goals. This program gives you the opportunity to get into the nitty-gritty details of working on proper movement.

Personal Training Duo

Working with a partner improves adherence to a fitness program. Training sessions are 50+ minutes, and is designed to focus on the individual assessments done at intake.

Medical Exercise Training

For clients referred or who have issues associated with a medical condition, we work with your medical professional to create a program that will help manage and improve function while adhering to the protocols of your medical situation.

35 minutes Exercise Training

For clients that can warm-up stretch on their own, we offer a quick get in, get it done and get out session. These are only sold with a commitment to training sessions of two to four time a weeks.

Specialized Programs

These are six week programs consisting of 3-6 people, meeting two times a week. Each program will have a defined focus, i.e. spinal stabilization, weight loss, Diabetes, etc., designed to give you the tools needed for success.