Programs and Classes
programs and classes
Way to Less Program
Do you have weight to lose? Have you tried but didn't get the results you wanted? Diet alone does not work. Exercise alone does not work. The Way to Less program works because it tackles all 3 key factors for success.

  • Physical/Exercise – 7 best exercises you can do anywhere, modified for your level of fitness.
  • Nutrition/Diet – Find out the best foods to eat for maximum health, energy, and weight loss.
  • Mindset/Behavior – Learn to identify what holds you back, what triggers make you fall off the wagon and how to get back on.
Designed for the busy person, this eight-week program gives you the tools to reach your goal. By making small changes over time, you'll adopt healthy habits, resulting in looking and feeling better!

All sessions are led by certified professionals in their fields.

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Small Group Training

The Small Group Training class is a versatile Total Body Conditioning (TBC) workout that combines all fitness components: cardiovascular, resistance, core strengthening, coordination, agility, balance and flexibility.

Challenge yourself with sports conditioning drills using calisthenics and with different types of provided equipment and exercise tools such as Kinesis cables, resistance bands, dumbells, vipers, stability balls, bosus, agility ladder, hurdles and cones.

Each class format varies and includes circuit training stations, bootcamp style routines, HIIT training, plyometrics as well as partner work. You will get motivated, inspired, disciplined and finally fit while increasing your strength, stamina, endurance, muscle tone and completely transform your body.

Regardless of your age and fitness level, this TBC Small Group Training class is a safe and managable program with personalized attention. Exercise regressions and progressions will be modified to each participant's physical capabilities while taking into consideration any existing and past injuries.

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Core Conditioning
Do you have chronic low back or next pain? 80% of Americans have some form of back pain. Our sedentary lifestyles do not help. Most of sit at a desk kfor a good part of the day. This 4-week back stabilization program will provide the necessary tools to get your pain under control. This class will teach you:
  • Simple exercises to increase core strength.
  • Stretches to alleviate tight muscles and create space in the spine.
  • Passive myofacial release techniques for when your back is in a flare up.
  • Exercises for the pelvic lumbar connection to prevent further aggravation of any chronic condition(s).

Must have doctor’s referral or release form to participate.

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