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    Thanksgiving May Not Be That Bad & Find Out How to Off Set the Holiday Weight Gain

    We all love Thanksgiving right? The day we gather around with nothing else to focus on but eating and being with our loved ones (at least I hope that is what you are doing). Every year we allow ourselves this one day to pig out, with every intention to exercise it all off afterwards. Yet […]

    Minimalist Shoes, The Good - The Bad and of course the Ugly

    Minimalist shoes are the rage now, does anyone remember the MBT’s?  By all the rage, means we are now seeing these shoes more and more. Mostly worn in gyms, and for running, they are supposed to mimic barefoot movement. Which in turn should make our gait more biomechanical, therefore leading to less compensation while reducing […]

    What to Look For in a Personal Trainer

    Many, many people are always asking me about how do you tell a good Personal Trainer. I have no idea what they are talking about, every single one of us are over the top fantastic. Right?  Wrong!!!!

    I have been training for over 20 years, yep, that is correct over 20 years. And I can tell […]

    Welcome & Why

    Welcome, yes, I have finally decided to blog.  First off, I would like to welcome you if you are new to Life Energy Fitness or are old friends deciding to see what I am up to now. Thanks for letting me bend your ear for a bit.

    Most of the blog is going to be on […]