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    Stand Up, Sit Down Desks

    We love to go through phases in our society. Some are wonderful like health clubs (0k, maybe I am a little biased).  Others fall into, what were we thinking, like MBT shoes ( I am wondering if five fingers won’t be far behind). Lately I have been approached from several different clients and interior architects […]

    You Brush Your Teeth Everyday

    Yes, we brush our teeth everyday and why? Because we don’t want to lose them or maybe worse yet have to get work done on them. My jury is out on which is worse. Where am I going with this? Most of us don’t exercise everyday. We know we should, yet there are so many […]

    Thanksgiving May Not Be That Bad & Find Out How to Off Set the Holiday Weight Gain

    We all love Thanksgiving right? The day we gather around with nothing else to focus on but eating and being with our loved ones (at least I hope that is what you are doing). Every year we allow ourselves this one day to pig out, with every intention to exercise it all off afterwards. Yet […]

    Why You Should Use a Nutritionist

    Many people think Nutritionists are a waste of time, and having experienced some I might agree with them. However, ask yourself this, do you feel good. What do I mean by feeling good?

    Do you go through the day without highs, lows, reaching for a cup of coffee, 5 hour energy, or pick your particular poison […]

    Why We Have To Do It Everyday!

    Now that sounds like a loaded statement. Whatever can I mean? This is something like the magic pill…not quite as effective for the overall fix it, but something lots of people ignore. We tend to put it off, find other much more important things, life Facebook to spend our time on. Yet, this like sleep […]

    Minimalist Shoes, The Good - The Bad and of course the Ugly

    Minimalist shoes are the rage now, does anyone remember the MBT’s?  By all the rage, means we are now seeing these shoes more and more. Mostly worn in gyms, and for running, they are supposed to mimic barefoot movement. Which in turn should make our gait more biomechanical, therefore leading to less compensation while reducing […]

    Operation Hawaiian Beach Bod Week 3

    Well, this week was not pretty. I did not even get half of my goals accomplished. My sleep was all over the place, I am going to blame my son…why not? He is a distraction, a welcome distraction but none the less, I need to be more firm about our time together. Other than that, […]

    Operation Hawaii Beach Bod Week 2

    One week down and here is where the tire meets the road, did I get everything in this week? Well, no….I did not. And I could come up with a thousand excuses, all which would be very real and understandable.  The bottom line is if this really matters to me, I will not let other […]

    Operation Hawaii Beach Bod

    As many of you may know, my daughter moved to Hawaii and I will be visiting her in July. While I may not be in the worst shape of my life, I certainly would like to lose a some weight before I hang out at the Beach in Hawaii. It is one thing to hang […]

    Decompress - It is Life Extending

    Decompress Class – Now being offered for free on Fridays at 5:45 until 6:25pm at our Woodglen Location. 

    Stress, that dirty four letter word everybody experiences yet never owns up to. There is good stress (exercise) and bad (too much computer time) both effect the body the same way or so research tells us. Huh? How […]