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    Stand Up, Sit Down Desks

    We love to go through phases in our society. Some are wonderful like health clubs (0k, maybe I am a little biased).  Others fall into, what were we thinking, like MBT shoes ( I am wondering if five fingers won’t be far behind). Lately I have been approached from several different clients and interior architects about stand up, sit down desks, and are they really worth it. The answer is a resounding yes!

    Studies are finding that sitting is pretty much the most horrible thing you can do to  your body on a daily basis. On the opposite side of the coin, standing for prolonged periods after not doing it very much (like from the time you are 5) is almost as bad. The Washington Post did a wonderful article on sitting, so I won’t repeat. In fact if you look at the exercises at the bottom, all you wonderful clients will recognize each and every one of them. So now that we have established that sitting is killing you or at the very least going to make your golden years not so golden, what do we do? We HAVE to sit at our desk for hours at time in order to do our work. Do you?

    In comes all the ergonomic chairs, this is going to fix that for you. You can now sit for hours with no problem. Unfortunately they did not. Nor did sitting on stability balls, because it is the sitting that is more of the problem, than what you sit on. For those detailed oriented people, yes, it is much more complicated than that simple statement, and I am happy to discuss it with you if call me. What does fix it?

    Stand up, sit down desks, are the answer. Mostly because our offices are not set up to give workers breaks so they can walk around the building every hour for about 5 minutes. But the desks can be easily moved from a sitting position to a standing one fairly quickly and it can be done every hour or so for maximum benefit. There are stools that can be used to alleviate low back strain while standing. The power of  standing more on our body is immeasurable, your heart gets a better workout, your back and core have to work, and your nervous system has work more. The big kicker is to sit down and stand up frequently (movement) so you are not in one or the other for too long. Even if you have a high counter in the office to take work to is better than sitting.

    Bottom line, move at the office, stand at the office as much as you can. It might save you a back operation and lots of pain. If you have back pain now, consider taking our Back Stabilization Class. It covers exercises that increases core stability to reduce nagging back pain and reduce instances of flare ups.


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