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    You Brush Your Teeth Everyday

    Yes, we brush our teeth everyday and why? Because we don’t want to lose them or maybe worse yet have to get work done on them. My jury is out on which is worse. Where am I going with this? Most of us don’t exercise everyday. We know we should, yet there are so many other obligations that fill our time and we just can’t get to it. Some obligations are non negotiable, like work, we kinda have to go to work. Family, we don’t have to take care of our family, but it is probably a good idea and it does have a great reward. Friends, well they make our life special, so I am going to put it in the non negotiable category. So after all those obligations, the question remains, why do we substitute other less important tasks, like Facebook and reality tv (you can fill in the blank with your own time drain) in place of our health?

    I think the biggest reason is because not like our teeth, most health problems can be fixed without too much pain. Blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes type 2, can all be controlled with a pill. Takes seconds to pop a pill, it is easier. Exercise will also improve all these conditions and others, but it takes longer. We need to start putting it in the non-negotialble category. It needs to be just like brushing our teeth, a daily habit done without thinking (well, at least I hope everyone brushes their teeth everyday without thinking).

    Our society has set these expectations that exercise has to a set duration, 30 minutes + a day, you must do something extreme, P90X or Crossfit, in order to get results. This is just not so, it may take a little more time to loose the weight, but studies show that moderate walking, housecleaning (with vigor), and small increments of exercise can substantially reduce blood pressure, decrease the need for diabetes medication etc. If that is not enough, it improves sleep and mood. You can even break up the bouts of activity, 10 times 3 does equal 30.

    Challenge yourself to add just 5 minutes a day for one week, thats it, 5 minutes. Get up 5 minutes earlier, even I can do that, and get it done. See how you are feeling about yourself after one week, I guarantee you will feel better, if not for just getting a goal accomplished.



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