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    Thanksgiving May Not Be That Bad & Find Out How to Off Set the Holiday Weight Gain

    We all love Thanksgiving right? The day we gather around with nothing else to focus on but eating and being with our loved ones (at least I hope that is what you are doing). Every year we allow ourselves this one day to pig out, with every intention to exercise it all off afterwards. Yet few of us actually go out and work out more in order to get rid of those excess calories we ingested the day(s) before. In fact we tend to continue to go out to holiday parties and eat more than usual, because, well, it’s the holidays.

    So how do you offset this downward spiral during the season? Fist take heart, if you are a daily exerciser, Thanksgiving will not put all those pounds on you no matter what. Yes, you read that correctly, for those wonderful people that work out on a regular basis, studies show that an occasional horrible bad day will not put the pounds on you. That does not mean you can go out and indulge once a week, it is more like once in a blue moon (you know I have actually never seen one of these… orange yes, really yellow and white, but no blue). To read the study go to New York Times article.

    Now the excuse of “I dropped off the bandwagon, I am just going to party until New Years” is off the table. Here are some tips to keep the pounds at bay. I am sure none of these are earth shatteringly new, but it is good to revisit them and put them in your tool box to survive the holidays.

    • Don’t save your calories and go to parties on an empty stomach, it makes you eat twice as much. Instead have a hand full of almonds or protein rich snack before, then eat what you want. It will cut down on the total you consume without you missing out on your favorite treats.
    • Keep alcohol to a minimum, it may seem like a good idea to drink till you are merry, but studies show the next day you eat very very fatty foods to get your system back in the swing of things. Can you say French Fries and burgers anyone?
    • If you are going to two holiday parties in one week, pick the one with the best food, allow yourself within reason to eat what you want. Limit the other one. If you are invited to three or more, lucky popular you, but you are going to get fat…just kidding. Eat moderately at each one, pick one item to eat that you love and limit the others.
    • Move away from the food buffet as soon as you have taken your food. Socialize while you eat, and if you are still hungry then go back for more, pacing yourself is a great way to keep the total caloric load down. Same with alcohol, have one drink then alternate with a non alcoholic drink, another option, finish one glass then wait 20-30 minutes before the next one.
    • Limit the amounts of fattening foods and sweets you buy for your household. Ten to one you will be getting enough of those foods while shopping and at holiday parties.
    • Most important of all!!!!!! Don’t stop exercising and getting good sleep. Exercise is the best defense to keep the pounds at bay. Sleep is the next, you cannot recover and have the stamina to keep up with all the holiday demands without good sleep. So when the nights allow, go to bed even earlier so you can keep those pesky hormones that make you crave crap under control.

    Of course you can throw all this great advice away and do whatever you want, perfect! Call us in the New Year at 301-275-3579, we personal trainers here at Life Energy Fitness, will be happy to get you back on track with your New Years resolutions. In fact, our first Health Happy Hour is on that very subject, nationally known speaker and nutritionist Kay Loughrey will be presenting her 3-5-2 formula on January 17th. Sign up for the Newsletter to get all the information or call.

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