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    Why We Have To Do It Everyday!

    Now that sounds like a loaded statement. Whatever can I mean? This is something like the magic pill…not quite as effective for the overall fix it, but something lots of people ignore. We tend to put it off, find other much more important things, life Facebook to spend our time on. Yet, this like sleep can pack a whole lot results from very little effort. Let’s list the benefits:

    • less aches and pains
    • better sleep
    • improved movement and if you are a weekend warrior can keep you on that field longer
    • improves recovery time
    • prevents injury
    • improves your ability to do the things you want to
    • decreases need for NSAIDS
    • improves balance

    Now what can do all that and take about 15 minutes a day?

    About 5-10 exercises done everyday!

    Yes, you read that correct, doing a small routine of 5-10 exercises that are specific to your needs and doing them everyday will get you all of the above. Up front it might take some time to get the routine right, I suggest hiring a Personal Trainer and or working with a Physical Therapist to come up with the proper exercises/stretches that are right for you. (see my article on What to Look for in a Personal Trainer).

    Now comes the part where most people I meet say,” you  know, I just can’t find the time”. I know how hard it is to add something to your day that is already full of obligations. Ask yourself these questions:

    • Have I recently gained weight because I am slowing down due to a nagging injury that won’t get better?
    • Do I have the same zip in the morning? Am I getting up later and later or have to drink more coffee to get going?
    • Am I stiffer after sitting for a long time?
    • Is getting out of chair, going up and down stairs, or getting up off the floor more difficult?
    • Do you wake up in the night with the need to switch positions because your joints don’t feel right?
    • Would you like to improve your cognitive function?
    • Am I slowing down when I participate in my favorite sport because things just get cranky?

    Isn’t improving these aspects of your life worth some time? As we age, things don’t bounce back as well as they used to. We add the fact we don’t get a good nights sleep and then depend on 5 hour energy drinks or caffeine to get us through the day, it really depletes our muscles and ability to recover. Now add on the fact we spend 4-6 hours a day between our electronic devices and media (TV, movies on demand, reality programs), we are more stagnant than ever. Our muscles, tendons, ligaments even our brains rely on movement to get the cobwebs out, so when we sit for long periods of time in poor posture, it results in the body becoming stuck. It only makes sense, if you sit in a bad posture for hours everyday, then you would have to do something every day to counteract it. The good news is a little goes a long way!

    Make the commitment to yourself, you can do 15 minutes everyday. If you need help with a program, exercises we here at Life Energy Fitness are happy to help. It is what we do!

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