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    Operation Hawaiian Beach Bod Week 3

    Well, this week was not pretty. I did not even get half of my goals accomplished. My sleep was all over the place, I am going to blame my son…why not? He is a distraction, a welcome distraction but none the less, I need to be more firm about our time together. Other than that, I have no good excuse. I am sure I could come up with some wonderfully great ones, i.e. I had multiple session changes, I didn’t feel quite right, I didn’t get good sleep so it was hard to focus.

    When we use these reasons, we substantiate why our life is like it is. Because we choose it. I could have done a lot of things different, starting with guarding my sleep religiously. I know this is where I will get the biggest bang for my buck and it doesn’t really take much except, to turn off the TV, say to my family “good night”, and do my little ritual before bed. How hard is that? Obviously I need to work on this! I will not lose weight, have energy to work out, or see faster results until I get and keep a handle on my sleeping.

    Not to mention, my eating went to hell, because guess what? When you don’t get a quality sleep, you find it hard to focus, then you eat fattening stuff. Why? Because your brain works best off of fat!

    So, I am not going to beat myself up anymore. There is no point, identify what is wrong and fix it.

    Results for week 3: I did get my cardio in, I have increased from 15mins to 20mins 3 times a week. I also did both strength training sessions. I might be stronger and have more endurance. I did not gain weight, but nor did I lose any.

    Plans for Next Week:

    • Be religious about my sleep and energy
    • Don’t give into cravings, make sure you have groceries
    • Replenish my supplements
    • Keep up with the workouts (I did actually get these in)

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