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    Operation Hawaii Beach Bod Week 5

    Here we are at week 5, where has the time gone?  I have been holding my own the past couple of weeks, meaning getting better sleep (mostly) and eating better (mostly). It does leave me with not much to show in the size department.  Just when I am finally able to increase my cardio workouts, my left knee gives out. Now the big question is, will this put a stop to operation Hawaii beach bod. Absolutely not!

    It means I need to alter  my workouts, instead of the cardio Crosstrainer, I will be extending my walking time and I will need to watch everything I eat like a hawk. I will not count myself out yet. This is where a lot of people in their goal to lose weight falter, it is much easier to quit. I mean after all, a bum knee means you can’t work out, right? Wrong, I don’t want to be pudgy on the beach (this is a great motivator), so I need to work around it. It is more difficult, but not impossible…keep the eye on the prize.

    Goals for next week:

    1. Keep up the food log on My fitness Pal (it is free and easy, switched to online because I was finding it hard to remember one day to the next what I ate).
    2. Stay on target with good sleep, been getting to bed even sometimes before 10pm.
    3. Work some way to get more walking time in, consistent is better than nothing at all.


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