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    Operation Hawaii Beach Bod

    As many of you may know, my daughter moved to Hawaii and I will be visiting her in July. While I may not be in the worst shape of my life, I certainly would like to lose a some weight before I hang out at the Beach in Hawaii. It is one thing to hang out at the neighborhood pool, quite another to be on Waikiki with those perfect looking 20 somethings.

    So enter Operation Hawaiian Beach Bod, here will be updates on what I am doing, what I am eating and if I am sticking to the program. Keep in mind this program I have designed for me, based on my goal, my time available to work out, and fitness level. Pretty much what I do for all my clients.

    First pick a realistic goal based on the time I have to work out (pretty much none), and my current fitness level (well, FM takes a bite out of that one) and what I like to eat (french fries, burgers and wine). So the goal, is going to be challenging, meaning if I want to lose about 10-15 lbs, I am going to need to make some fairly large changes. Am I prepared? Yes, I am… because the humiliation of appearing where I am now on a Hawaiian Beach is more painful than doing with out foods I like, and the pain I get when I exercise.


    Goal – lose some weight any amount of weight, get some muscle, so even if I don’t lose all the weight (and by weight I mean size, I rarely weigh myself), I will look better.

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