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    Operation Hawaii Beach Bod Week 2

    One week down and here is where the tire meets the road, did I get everything in this week? Well, no….I did not. And I could come up with a thousand excuses, all which would be very real and understandable.  The bottom line is if this really matters to me, I will not let other items take precedence. Other than of course my wonderful clients, my family, my friends, hmmmm, sound familar?


    • Cardio: 3-4 times per week for 20+ minutes (yes, this does include a warm up).
    • Strength: 2 times a week all major body parts, multi-joint exercises.
    • Stretching: 3-4 times a week about 5-10 minutes, focus on MELT (if you want to know more about this read our events page), ankles, quads, IT band. And whenever I remember to add bits and pieces.
    • Diet: Stick with Nutritionists plan, buy groceries ahead so I have choices and am  not stuck giving in to temptation. No wine during the week and 1-2 glasses on weekends.
    • Sleep: Get the best sleep I can (given I have Fibromyalgia, very difficult). Means going to bed early 10-10:30ish.

    So I got in all the cardio and strength training/flexibility, diet needs work. I did not get grocery shopping which meant by the end of the week I was running out of good food, i.e. salad, veggies, etc. Then stayed up too late, drank more than the goal, so Sunday was a horrible day for food.

    Results: Lost some weight, but had a flare up due to overdoing the weights and wine etc.

    Plans for Next Week:

    • Be better on the shopping,
    • lighten up on the intensity of training,
    • Don’t wait until I am starving to eat
    • Continue to work on getting better sleep

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