Life Energy Fitness is about taking you from where you are and making you better no matter what the goal.

Quality of life — what does it really mean? For some it might mean just being able to get out of bed each day. For others it might mean the continued ability to participate in a competitive sport, or having energy for a hobby at the end of the work day. Life Energy Fitness is about finding what is preventing you from living the highest quality of life you want and gives you the tools to get it.

We all moved beautifully when we were children, then life got in the way. We went to school and sat down for hours at a time. And let's not mention the effects of TV. As we became more sedentary, our bodies learned to move differently or forgot how to move the way it was supposed to. It's no surprise that so many people have chronic pain issues and need corrective surgery.

At Life Energy Fitness our goal is to identify where the compensations are and to help your body relearn proper movement patterns. The results are more energy, less chronic pain, an ability to participate in activities you love, and to prevent other problems from forming.

Board of Advisors
Dr. Anna Borissow, physical therapist, Advanced Neuromuscular Physiotherapy, LLC
Dr. Arnold Ravick, podiatrist, Capital Podiatry Associates
Elizabeth Blumberg RD, LDN, CPT, nutritionist, EB Nutrition
Dr. Kendall Bourke, veterinarian, Mid-Atlantic Animal Specialty Hospital